We are Moment

Our goal is to help people realize the power we all have to create meaningful change, not only for ourselves but also for our communities and the world we share. We do this by helping to celebrate the rituals that bring our lives into balance and the bonds that forge who we are – cultivating culture in the process.

Status Quo…
Who Dis?

We champion change-makers and dream chasers. Our mission is to deliver groundbreaking new experiences tied to the human condition that empowers everyone to be the best version of themselves without compromise. 

In this hyper-connected world where we feel increasingly disconnected, we’re looking to the past for wisdom as we forge a new path forward guided by traditions and our shared desire for a balanced and meaningful life.

So what if you’re alcohol-free these days, now you have Proposition Cocktail Co.


We’re here to ruffle some feathers and break a few eggs (figuratively speaking).